About Us

Launched in the early 1990s by David C. Haupt, Precision Design has built its reputation on supplying profitable, business-building solutions to a range of companies and clients. To that end, we believe in fostering close relationships with our clients as we chart their most appropriate marketing strategies, execute on-target creative and always nurture and strengthen brand equity.

David C. HauptAs the pace of our personal and professional lives heads toward record-breaking speeds, there’s something very important that’s been lost along the way. I’m talking about the human element, the face-to-face interaction that can be so meaningful in our lives and in the way we conduct business.

That’s why, at Precision Design, we’ve made a choice to be different when it comes to serving our clients. It’s the reason we’re committed not only to taking the time, but to making the time…

…to truly know your company

…to be quick and responsive to your needs

…to clearly explain our services

…and to build and foster a long-term relationship with you and your company.

Quite simply, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping your business grow and flourish.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Inside this web site, you’ll meet a number of business leaders just like you who came to us with their marketing, advertising and web development needs. These are businesses that have a track record of doing things right. And each and every one of them has a personal experience to share about Precision Design, the individual attention we provide and the role we’ve had in their successes. 

David C. Haupt
Precision Design


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