Online Advertising

Imagine telling your local newspaper that you want to advertise with them, but only pay when somebody actually comes into your store or calls because of that advertisement.

goolge-adSurprisingly, that's how online advertising works.

With "pay per click" advertising from Google, Bing or Yahoo, your ad is shown to web surfers many times for free, but you only pay if and when they click on it and come to your web site.

And the rate is determined in an "auction"-type process where you only pay as much as your competition wants to pay, too.

Precision Design can create a Google AdWords campaign for your business or organization that reaches a selected audience of Internet surfers, using highly targeted keywords that will help narrow and refine your advertisement's reach.

You don't need to have a huge budget to buy online advertising... often, ads cost as little as 25 cents a click. Of course, competitive search phrases such as "personal injury attorney" may cost many dollars.

Your advertisement would show up at the top of, or on the right side of, a Google search engine results page, based on which keywords you purchased. For example, if you operated a bicycle shop in Alexandria, VA, you might buy the phrase "bicycles Alexandria" so that web surfers would see your ad when they performed that search.

You are charged only when a user clicks on the ad, not when they see it.

Choosing the best keywords, writing the most effective advertisements, and managing the online campaign is where Precision Design can help you. (We can also help ensure that when a user clicks on your ad, that they are taken to a professionally designed web site that generates sales.)

Contact Precision Design today to see how we can help create and manage a pay-per-click advertising campaign to improve your web site's traffic and increase your profitability.

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